OpenAsbestos ®

Unlocking asbestos data, everywhere

What is OpenAsbestos™?

OpenAsbestos™ is an open, collaborative, not-for-profit initiative for the asbestos industry.

Based on web standards and commonly agreed data exchange formats, OpenAsbestos™ enables software systems to exchange asbestos-related data and documents safely and securely for the common good.

OpenAsbestos™ is managed by a Steering Board which is being recruited in July 2022 from leading figures across the UK asbestos industry.

Robin Bennett, Start Software director and creator of the Tracker & Alpha Tracker family of asbestos software systems, is leading the project.

Project Status

The OpenAsbestos™ project was started in 2021 and is gathering momentum in summer 2022 with a number of significant organisations in the UK asbestos industry joining the project.

We had a soft-launch at the Asbestonomy conference in London in June 2022.

We introduced OpenAsbestos™ at a meeting of industry leaders at the UK Parliament in July 2022.

Upcoming Presentations

Robin is giving a talk at the Contamination Expo at the NEC Wednesday 14th September – details can be found here

Robin is giving a talk at the European Asbestos Forum in Amsterdam in November – details can be found here

Who Is Involved?


API Documentation

You can access the latest API Specification Here


You can download the OpenAsbestos leaflet Here


See Contact Us. We welcome applications for new Steering Board members and organisations wishing to experiment with the API.

Absolutely not! The duty holder will always need to confirm that they want their asbestos data to be available via the OpenAsbestos™ platform.

Very little. OpenAsbestos™ acts as a gateway, not a store of information. It has been designed to make live asbestos data available to people who need it, wherever the information is stored.

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